Through our hydroelectric power plants in Malatya and Rize provinces of Turkey, FTZ Group has been producing sustainable energy since 2014.

· Located in the Çayeli district,the Uzundere II Hydroelectric Power Plant was established in 2015.
· Uzundere II HPP is the 7th largest hydroelectric power plant in Rize, the
231st largest in Turkey, and offers 19,687 MW of power.
· Uzundere II HPP produces enough electrical energy annually to support
the daily routines of approximately 17.000 people.

·Located in Yeşilyurt,the Keklicek Hydroelectric Power Plant was established in 2014.
·Keklicek HPP is located on the Çat Dam which waters the Derme and Çerkezyazısı plains.
·Keklicek HPP is the 5th largest energy production power plant in Malatya with 8.67 MW of power.
·Keklicek HPP contributes to the private market by decreasing dependency on outside sources, as well as providing a safe, responsible environment for energy production.